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How do I request a change to a product?

  • Send a request to the Product team so that they are aware that you and your peers support a specific change to an OCLC product.
Applies to
  • Tipasa
  • WorldShare ILL
  • WorldShare Management Services
  • WorldCat Discovery 
  • EZproxy
  • WebDewey
  • WorldShare License Manager
  • Community Center

To request a change to OCLC products, members can create enhancement requests in the OCLC Community Center. 

  1. Log into the Community Center and select a product. 
  2. Select Enhancements.
  3. Review the existing list of enhancements to insure you are not creating a duplicate.  If your suggestion is already there, please add your notes.  Click on Detail to review a description of the enhancement.
  4. If your enhancement is not there, you may add it.  Click Share your idea for a future enhancement.
  5. Type the name of the product you would like to change.  Note you can now also type Community Center to request changes to the Community Center.
  6. Complete the Enhancement suggestion form and select Submit at the bottom.
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