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Combine, qualify, and expand searches

Discover how to combine, qualify, and expand your searches.
  • Boolean operators
    Discover how to use Boolean operators to narrow or broaden your WorldCat index search.
  • Proximity operators
    Discover how to use proximity operators in Connexion and FirstSearch to indicate relationships and positions of search terms in relation to each other when searching WorldCat indexes.
  • Qualified searches
    Discover how to qualify a WorldCat index search by combining numeric, keyword, and derived search terms with qualifier indexes and supported values using AND or NOT.
  • Wildcards and truncation
    Discover how to use wildcard and truncation symbols to expand or focus WorldCat index searches.
  • Examples of combined and qualified searches
    Find examples of combined and qualified WorldCat index searches in Connexion, FirstSearch, WorldShare, and WorldCat Discovery.