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Computer files (com)

Name Code Notes Indexed Values
Record Type and Bib Level



Other Criteria
Leader/06 Leader/07
3.5 in. disc 312 Also search by 3.25 in. disk       c and 007/04=a    

3 1/2 in or 3.5 in in either of these fields/subfields:

  • 300 b
  • 300 c
5.25 in. disc 514 Also search by 5.25 in. disk       c and 007/04=o    

5 1/4 in in either of these subfields:

  • 300 b
  • 300 c
Bibliographic data bdt   m       008/26=e  
    m and 006/09=e      
CD for computer cdc Also search by CD or CDs to get audio, video, and computer CDs       c and 007/04=g    
m         4 3/4 in is in 300 c

compact disc(s) or compact disk(s) or CD-ROM(s) is in either of these fields/subfields:

  • Start of 500 a
  • 538 a
Clipart images graphics cig Also search by clipart m       008/26=c  
    m and 006/09=c      
Computer game cgm Also search by game m       008/26=g  
    m and 006/09=g      
Document dct   m       008/26=d  
    m and 006/09=d      
Font fnt   m       008/26=f  
    m and 006/09=f      
Interactive multimedia imm   m       008/26=i  
    m and 006/09=i      
Numeric data ndt   m       008/26=a  
    m and 006/09=a      
Online system or service oss   m       008/26=j  
    m and 006/09=j      
Program pgm Also search by computer program m       008/26=b Index also covers RDA terms and codes.
    m and 006/09=b    
Sound snd Also search by sound effects m       008/26=h Index also covers RDA terms and codes.
    m and 006/09=h    
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