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Call Number

Find the fields, subfields, and notes for the local holdings record Call Number word (l5:) index available for searching local data in WorldShare.

 Note: This index is searchable in WorldShare only when you have selected:

  • Local Holdings Records from the Data Type drop-down list
  • An index from the Index drop-down list

See the Call Number word (nu:) index for information on searching against bibliographic records.

Word (l5:)


Label l5:
Search? Yes
Browse? Yes
Examples l5:ps3515.e37
Fields/Subfields 852 h i j k l m
Qualifier index? No
  • Enter all numbers and letters.
  • Include periods.
  • Omit all other punctuation.
  • Omit spaces within subfields, but add a space between subfields.
  • To browse available call numbers, select My LHRs - Browse from the Scope drop-down list.