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Local Holdings - State/Province

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Local Holdings - State/Province phrase (l2=) index.

Limits the results with local holdings held by an institution in a specific city and state, province, or area.

Phrase (l2=)


  Connexion FirstSearch and Collection Manager query collections WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery
Label --- l2= ---
Search? --- Yes ---
Browse? --- Yes ---
Examples ---
  • ti:libraries and l2="or"
  • ti:libraries and l2=oregon
Fields/Subfields --- System checks for presence of local holdings of libraries in specified state or province. ---
Qualifier index? --- No ---
Notes ---
  • Search by state or province abbreviation or name (phrase).
  • l = lowercase "ell."
  • Use either:
    • Postal abbreviation of state or province enclosed in quotation marks.
    • State or province name.
  • Limits searches to bibliographic records for which libraries in specified state or province have created LHRs (local holdings record).
  • See Find an OCLC Library to search for OCLC library symbols.