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Using OCLC Usage Statistics for WorldCat Navigator

OCLC Usage Statistics for WorldCat Navigator contains information about your library's use of interlibrary loan. This helps you to monitor your OCLC borrowing and lending activity.

WorldCat Navigator Reports

The WorldCat Navigator reports available via the OCLC Usage Statistics interface (see descriptions of each report below) are available free of charge to all institutions that have ILL access, regardless of whether or not they have ordered the reports.


Report Description
Borrower Reasons for No Report and Resource Sharing Lender Reasons for No Report — Institution Level Report

Monthly reports for both Borrower and Lender activity help Lenders evaluate their fill rate and borrowers to refine their Custom Holdings Groups. The Reasons for No report shows details for requests that were refused, including ILL Record Number, Title, OCLC Number, the lender's name and OCLC symbol the reported reason for not filling the request, and the date the request was refused. The Resource Sharing Borrower Reasons for No Report also shows the lending institution's position in the lender string.

The Resource Sharing Lender Reasons for No Report shows similar information, but does not include the lending institution's position in the lender string.

Borrower Resource Sharing Stats Report and Lender Resource Sharing Stats Report — Institution Level Report These reports provide a detailed look at all the requests that pass through a library's system in a given month, and are organized by transaction. A record appears in this report for any month during which action was taken on the request, so a request may appear in multiple months. Because of the depth of this report, only one month of statistics can be displayed at a time.
Borrower Activity Overview Report and Lender Activity Overview Report — In Group Level Report

These reports show the number of requests initiated by your library in a specified month, the number of requests cancelled in that month, and the number of requests reported as filled for that month. For the Borrower Activity Overview Report, unfilled requests may show up in future months as being filled, so they would appear in two months' Activity Overview reports.

Turnaround time in this report represents the cumulative time that a request was passed along through the lender string, so is generally longer than in the Borrower/Lender Transaction-Level Detail Report, which looks at just one institution's contact with a given request. The Lender Turnaround time is shorter than the Borrower time because as a lender, your institution handles the request once and either fills or passes along a request in a relatively short time frame; the report only measures your institution's “touch” on that request.

Borrower Transaction-Level Detail Report and Lender Transaction-Level Detail Report — In Group Level Report These reports can only be produced one month at a time. These reports provide details of requests to or from specific institutions within a given month. The Requests to Lender/Borrower total represents each time a request was passed along to an institution. In the Borrower Transaction Level Detail Report, because one request can be handled multiple times, the number of requests is higher than the number represented in the Borrower Activity Overview Report.
In-Group Summary Report

This report can only be produced one month at a time.  It shows total requests made (copies and loans) and turnaround time for borrowing and lending activity.  It also shows in-group and out-of-group lending and borrowing activity.

In-group borrowing and lending activity are equal so the activity represented in this report is for requests made and filled and does not include unfilled requests. 

For out-of-group ILL, libraries may have lent more than they borrowed (or the other way around).  The totals for out-of-group borrowing and lending will not match. 

In-Group Detail Reports This report can only be produced one month at a time.  For in-group activity only, it shows total requests made (copies and loans), provided the library has activity in the specified month.


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