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File size and retention

Find information about file size, retention, and expiration when exchanging files with OCLC.

File size

Files include no more than 100,000 records each. Batches of records that include more than 100,000 records will be split into multiple files with successive files extensions. See file extensions.

File retention and expiration

Your files are retained both on the server and in the WorldShare interface for 90 days. You can download a file multiple times.

 Note: Collection Manager output files older than 7 days will be compressed (i.e., zipped) in order to improve performance. Compressed files are given the .zip extension but retain their original file name (e.g., becomes

It is recommended that you process record files in date order.  When processing records for a specific date, it is recommended that they are processed in the following order: Deletes, New, Merges, and Updates. See Criteria for new, update, delete, and merged records for more information.


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