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Why does the series not show up on my search result tile when I’ve searched for the exact series name?

  • When I perform a series search the series appears on the brief record of some search results but not others.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

This is happening because you are using the series word search (se:) without indicating that you want the exact phrase to be searched.  When you have search relevance switched on (when it highlights search terms in the results list) the search indicators are looking for the terms in multiple indexes.  The series will display on the result tile if there is a match, but if the terms also appear in the title it may just highlight the title in the brief result and other terms in the detailed record.  You could do the following things to make the series appear in the brief record:

  1. Do an exact phrase search (surrounding the search terms in double quotes)
  2. Perform a se= search (no quotes needed) in order for the logic to display the series on the result tile.
Additional information

For example, "Fossilium catalogus. I, Animalia"

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