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Why does my item show with a red crossed circle when the item status is Available?

  • The item says it is Available but there is a red crossed circle
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • Service Configuration

This information is controlled by the OPAC Status Grid configured in Service Configuration OPAC Statuses, Location, and Circulation Policies Item Availability from OPAC.

  • The Status Treatment can be set to available, unavailable, library use only - available, or library use only - unavailable
  • Status treatments available and library use only - available will show a green tick when the item is Available (See WMS Status Messages for when an item will show as Available)
  • Status treatments unavailable and library use only - unavailable will show a red crossed circle at all times
  • To get Any Status or Any location you must type an asterisk (*) in the appropriate field. If you type the status this will not map properly
  • Write the location in capitals with asterisks at either end.
    • Note that the location will include any shelving locations containing the word or words within the asterisks
      eg. *FICTION* will cover the shelving locations Fiction and Junior Fiction but *JUNIOR FICTION* will not include Fiction
Additional information

OPAC Status Grid

OPAC Status Grid Table

OPAC Grid webinar

If you wish to add a shelving location please contact OCLC Support

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