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Why are my usage statistics for WorldCat Discovery different than my COUNTER stats?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • FirstSearch

These are separate reports, the tabs are showing stats as follows:

  • FirstSearch: activity in FirstSearch interface (
  • WorldCat Discovery: activity in the WorldCat Discovery interface (https://<inst-prefix>
  • COUNTER: activity in FirstSearch and WorldCat Local interface (which is no longer available, all activity on this URL should now be going to WorldCat Discovery URL). These stats are labeled with the Platform information (FirstSearch or WorldCat Local)

The institution could compare the usage in FirstSearch across 2 tabs: FirstSearch tab to COUNTER tab, but the WorldCat Local activity is only shown in the COUNTER tab.

WorldCat Discovery activity is not shown in COUNTER, and is only available in the WorldCat Discovery tab.

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