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Why is the Print format icon showing on this record when it is clearly an eBook record based on the description?

  • An eBook record should be displaying as electronic, but the format icon says it is a print book. This is clearly an eBook record according to the description.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

The record for the item is missing an 856 field.

  1. Locate the item in Connexion or WorldShare Record Manager
  2. Add an 856 field with a link out to the eBook
  3. Save your changes

If you are unable to fix this, or need assistance, please contact OCLC quality control.

Additional information

You can copy out the link from the web page that the item is located online paste it into the 856 field. If you can't locate the online page, or need help with the formatting of the 856 field, try searching for a different record that includes the 856 field. You can copy that 856 field over to your record. Just make sure it is to the same online resource as yours.

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