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The icon and the text in Discovery for availability do not match, how do I correct this ?

  • I have items that are either damaged or in repair  that I do not want to withdraw at this point in time, I've moved them to a damaged shelving location. But in Discovery I can see the red crossed out icon (meaning unavailable) and the text next to it reads 'Available'. This is very confusing to patrons. How can I get these two indicators to match and both show/ indicate the item is unavailable ?
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery 
  • WorldShare Circulation 

You will need to adjust some settings in Service Configuration to enable this to work correctly :

First, set up a shelving location for Damaged or In Repair, if you currently do not have one. 

  1. Go to Service Configuration > WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local Holding Codes & Shelving Location Messages Holding Codes Translation Table > Add in the required shelving location (using a semi-colon to separate them) > Save Changes.


Second,  set up the OPAC Status grid for this shelving location to make sure they display as unavailable. 

  1. Go to Service ConfigurationWorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies Item Availability from OPAC 
  2. Select the tab for the format of the item you are working with.
  3.  Add a row for this shelving location you have set up 
  4. In the OPAC Status Message column, type  *<your Shelving location> * (ie *xxx*) 
  5.  Set the  Status Treatment Column to Unavailable. 
  6.  Everything else can be left blank.

Third,  set up the Location Policy for this shelving location.  

  1. Go to Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Location Policy > Add a new row for this shelving location and set it to No Patrons, Unavailable, Can Override Holds

Finally, when one of these items come in, check it in as usual.

  1. Change the shelving location to damaged/In repair, whichever one you have set up.
  2. Check it in again and this will change the text in Discovery to ‘Not Available.’

If you do this you will get the red crossed out icon and Not available showing in Discovery.

Additional Information

 In WorldCat Discovery, the text you see is coming in from WMS Circulation’s Availability Status' and the icons are coming in from the settings in your OPAC Status Grid in Service Configuration. Here:  Service Configuration > WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies > scroll down to the blue grid at the bottom. Therefore you need to set these up to match the situation to get them to correspond & to display correctly. 

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