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How did our symbol get added to eBook titles in Discovery? We have that setting turned off inside WorldShare Collection Manager.

  • Library holdings are appearing on records in Discovery without being set from WorldShare Collection Manager.
  • We can't delete the holdings using WorldShare Collection Manager.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
  • Connexion

These records may have had their holdings set by Connexion, to check this:

  1. Open up Connexion.
  2. Search for an OCN example of a title that has the library symbol appearing on it.
  3. With record pulled up, select >Action > Holdings > Delete Holdings. (the shortcut for this action is Shift+F8).
  4. Wait a few minutes and search that same OCN inside Discovery.  If your holdings have been removed from the record, we know they were added using Connexion.
Additional information

If you need holdings removed from a large group of items that were added through Connexion, you can create a data sync collection to remove holdings.

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