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How can I tell if a link is from the WorldCat Knowledgebase or is a DOI link?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery 
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

If a link is from the WorldCat knowledge base, you will note the collection and link information is listed with the link in WorldCat Discovery.  If this information is not listed and you do not see the link in the MARC record, please contact OCLC Support for assistance in determining the origin of the link. 

If it is a DOI link, it is likely from Unpaywall and you will need to contact Unpaywall directly to have the link corrected.

Additional information

Generally, Unpaywall links will have a "View PDF" button. However, when it cannot be determined that a DOI link informed by Unpaywall leads to a PDF, the link will display as "Access Online." Sometimes the download will be blocked due to recent Chrome security enhancements. Due to the data being from a 3rd party, it is not something we are able to resolve internally. We recommend the following as workarounds:

  • Trying a different browser (like Firefox)
  • Right-click on the PDF button and select "Copy Link Address".
  • Right-click on the PDF button and select "Save as" and download the file

See Open content in WorldCat Discovery search results for more information regarding Unpaywall.

Please see Links from DOI for more information on DOI display in WorldCat Discovery.

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