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How can I get rid of a link to a title that doesn't match the title described in the WorldCat record?

  • You see a link under Access Online that has the same title as the record you are looking at in WorldCat, but when you open it is clearly not the same resource. 
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldCat knowledge base 

Delete the Grouped OCN from the WorldCat knowledge base title record. Here are the steps: 

1. Identify the OCN of the Discovery title record showing the link you don't want to appear. 
2. Identify the OCN of the link you want to erase. 
3. Open WorldShare > Metadata > Collection Manager
4. Search for the OCN of the Discovery title showing the link.
5. Click on the title's name.
6. Scroll down to the Grouped OCN list. 
7. Find the OCN of the bad link you want to erase in the list.
8. Click the red minus icon to the right of the OCN you want to erase. 
9. Save the title record. 

Additional information

There is more information on Grouped OCNs and cooperative management.

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