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Why are knowledge base links not including our proxy URL?

  • Knowledge base links from one collection appear without your proxy URL, so the links are failing for remote users. 
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery  
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

There are several different reasons why this can happen:

  • Do you have the Use Proxy setting inside the link's WorldCat knowledge base collection set to No Proxy needed? If so, change it to Use Institutional setting or Override it to use a different proxy if needed. 
  • Confirm that inside the collection on the Linking tab, the Title Link Formula includes the text: [[localstem]].  This is the part that adds in the proxy text. 

  • Confirm that the Open Access checkbox inside the collection on the Properties tab is not checked. This will turn off the proxy links. 
Additional information

There is more information on Proxy settings for Discovery.

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