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WorldCat Discovery release notes, December 2019

Release Date: December 14, 2019


This release of WorldCat Discovery provides a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Custom selections for filter labels
  • Option to reorder filters
  • Ability to hide/show filters
  • Integration with Third Iron Complete and LibKey (BrowZine)

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

Recommended actions

For this release, we recommend that you review the following checklists and complete the relevant tasks so that you can adjust your policies and workflows and train your staff. These checklists identify updates that we have determined as significant for most institutions. We encourage you to review all of the items in the release notes to determine whether there are other items that might require additional action or follow up by your institution.

Administrative actions

These items require immediate action or decisions.

  • Update filter labels
  • Adjust order of filters if desired
  • Configure Third Iron Complete and LibKey (BrowZine) integration

Follow-up actions

In an effort to keep your staff informed of new features and changes, you may also want to consider these items.


New features and enhancements

Customize filters to create a unique experience for your library users

We’re always collaborating with our members and working to understand the problems you are trying to solve. In our experience, configuration is customization fit for purpose and we work to balance when to include configuration in Discovery for new features or refinements to the service. We understand the need for you to tailor the Discovery experience to best suit the needs of your users. We surveyed the community back in August specifically about facets, more commonly referred to as filters by end users.

We received over 180 responses to the survey and with the December release we have included many of changes that are a direct result of the survey. We have also included several highly requested Community Center enhancements in this initial filter release.

We plan to add more filters in future releases including Shelving Location, which ranks quite high by members in the community and in the survey. Shelving Location filter will be introduced after we move to the new search engine; there is currently work in process to build the indexes we need to support this filter

WorldCat Discovery will support new configurations to fine-tune the display of your library’s facets. The configuration options enable you to:

  • Choose the display order of the facets. For example, you can display the Format facet first instead of the Library facet.
  • Choose to show or hide each facet.
  • Choose to expand or collapse the content of each facet by default.
  • Choose from a selection of display labels for each facet type.

WorldCat Discovery will support these new facet configurations on the search results page. Display label changes will also be visible in the “editions and formats” section and on the advanced search page.

Default labels have been updated based on input from the member community survey results. Other new options from the survey are available in the dropdown for the filter labels. For each configuration option (order, show/hide, expand/collapse, display label) defaults will automatically be available after the release so you have the time you need to make decisions about how to configure the options for your library. Changes made to these new configuration options are available in the WorldCat Discovery interface almost instantly after they are saved in Service Configuration.

Here is a view of the new OCLC Service Configuration screen that includes the configuration options in English.


Integrate with LibKey Discovery to directly access PDF content and explore articles within journals (BrowZine)

Libraries with subscriptions to both WorldCat Discovery and Third Iron Complete or LibKey can now configure a LibKey Discovery experience for their users. This enhancement will not only provide seamless linking to the full text PDF of an item when available through LibKey Discovery, but will also build on the WorldCat Discovery exploratory experience by allowing users to browse articles within the same journal and the most recent issue of their journal. To implement this enhancement, input your library’s LibKey ID and Access Token in the new BrowZine module found in > Third Party Integrations > BrowZine. This integration will be available in both the WorldCat Discovery interface and the A - Z List. You can choose to display the integration in one or both places.


View PDF Functionality

When a search result for an article in WorldCat Discovery contains a DOI and LibKey Discovery returns a Full Text link, the link will display in the Discovery interface as a “View PDF” button. When this feature is enabled, the “View PDF” button will display first if more than one link is present.


View PDF button


When an article search in the A - Z platform contains a DOI and LibKey returns a Full Text link, the link will display as the first link in the A - Z article details page.



Browse Related Articles

Like the WorldCat Discovery shelf browse functionality that allows WorldShare Management System users to explore items on the library shelf, this feature will allow WorldCat Discovery and LibKey mutual customers to browse articles within a journal issue via the BrowZine interface. When a search result for an article in WorldCat Discovery contains a DOI and LibKey returns a link to browse the issue the article is from, the link will appear in the WorldCat Discovery interface in a new accordion section titled “Browse Related Articles”. This link will display as “Explore articles from this issue of [insert journal title]”. Selecting this link will take a user to the location of the article within the issue of the journal in BrowZine.



When a search result for an article in WorldCat Discovery contains a DOI and LibKey returns a link to browse the most recent issue the article is from, the link will appear in the WorldCat Discovery interface in a new accordion section titled “Browse Related Articles”. This link will display as “Explore articles from most recent issue of [journal title]”. Selecting this link will take a user to the first article from the most recent issue of the journal in BrowZine.

This same functionality is visible on the A - Z platform. When a user enters a search for an article using DOI and LibKey returns metadata, the “View PDF” link and links to Browse Related Articles will display.




Incoming link resolver LibKey integration is planned in upcoming releases.

New format filter types and improvements to improve search refinement

New filters for manuscript items are now available in the WorldCat and databases. Manuscript filter options will be available for search refinement in brief search results and advanced search, as well as the editions and formats accordion on item detail views. More specific manuscript item descriptions and icons will appear for records in brief results, item detail page, detail pane and course reserves, making it easy to identify these important items.  

NOTE: Manuscript filters will be available after re-indexing of the WorldCat data which is scheduled to begin on December 19th and will take approximately two weeks to complete. Some results will begin to appear as associated records are re-indexed; all records should be re-indexed by early January.

Once complete following new filters will appear where applicable:

  • Book - Manuscript
  • Map - Manuscript Map
  • Musical Score - Manuscript Musical Score
  • Article - Manuscript Article

Other filter changes

  • Audience: We have added the Audience filter with Juvenile and Not Juvenile to the brief search results screen. Previously this filter was only available on the Advanced Search screen.

  • Multi-Select filters known issue has been fixed. The December release includes functionality changes so you can now select multiple filters under the Format section. Researchers can now include several format types in their query and with each added filter the number of results will increase.

  • Open Access filter: There is a new configuration option for Open Access. By default, Open Access filter will appear in Discovery. Some members requested this configuration through the survey.

  • Content filter changes/additions: We’ve grouped some content related filters together under the Content filter. This section will now combine (when applicable based on the search) filters that can be selected including Full Text, Open Access, Biography, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Peer Review. 

  • Updates to filters display: To help users identify which actions are enabled during their search session the left filters frame will be divided into two new sections:

    • Current Search: will display applied search filters.

    • Refine This Search: will display as a section below Current Search. Sort by will now display in this area as well as all filters options.

  • Publication: Year and counts design modified.


Improved display text for DOI links leading to PDFs informed by Unpaywall

In WorldCat Discovery when we know a DOI leads to a downloadable PDF we will now display the text “View PDF” on DOI links enhanced by Unpaywall. This will help users make more informed choices when determining which Access Online link to select.


Prior to this release all links returned by Unpaywall would display as “Access Online <insert DOI string>”   as shown by the example below.





When we cannot determine that a DOI link informed by Unpaywall leads to a PDF we will continue to display “Access Online <insert DOI>.”

DOI links are configured off by default. Configure DOI links on at OCLC Service Configuration -> My -> Full Text and Open Access Links -> WorldCat Discovery Search Results and Detailed Views -> Links from DOI:

 Note:  If a user encounters a link from Unpaywall that does not lead to Open Access, report the link to

Removal of Editions and Formats hyperlink and accordion for articles

As articles do not contain editions and formats we have improved the WorldCat Discovery user interface to reflect this. Users will no longer see a hyperlink on brief search results for article citations that connects them to the View Editions and Formats accordion on the detailed views of WorldCat Discovery. The Editions and Formats accordion on the detail page and pane has been removed for article citations.

Important links

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at:

Include Request ID with problem reports

When reporting an issue with WorldCat Discovery, it is extremely helpful to include the Request ID. The Request ID is found at the bottom of the screen on which the issue occurred. Including this information allows us to directly trace what happened on the request we are troubleshooting.

Request ID