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Configuration for WorldCat Local libraries moving to WorldCat Discovery

If you are using WorldShare Management Services or WorldCat Local and want to move to WorldCat Discovery, check these settings in Service Configuration to help make your transition seamless. When you are ready to go live using WorldCat Discovery please make sure you update the following settings in OCLC Service Configuration.

 Caution: These changes will impact your WorldCat Local experience.

WorldCat Discovery configuration

You will want to review and update the following features. Sign in to OCLC Service Configuration and navigate to:

A few more to-dos

Before you go live

  • My > User Interface Options
    In the ‘WorldCat Discovery Services Redirect’  section, redirect users to the WorldCat Discovery site*. Also, select 'Redirect WorldCat Local permanent/bookmarked links to WorldCat Discovery.'
  • In the Custom Links section, remove 'My Library Account' (custom link 4) which is not needed for WorldCat Discovery*.  Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  • Search box and use parameters
    If you are using search boxes and use parameters on your library's website that direct to WorldShare Local, redirect them to the WorldShare Discovery site.

     Note: These changes will impact your WorldCat Local experience.

  • Promote WorldCat Discovery
    Update links on your library's website and promote WorldCat Discovery in your community.

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