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2023 updates

Review updates and bug fixes from 2023.

The following is a list of recent updates and bug fixes.

Area affected Issue/Update Details Issue/Update date
All pages Cannot visually differentiate between some characters with current font. Improve website font accessibility to disambiguate i, l, 1 as well as 0 and O. Installed 11/2023
Item details>Purchase Options Add as a purchase option partner New purchase option vendor,, allows users to select a local bookstore to support through their purchase of an ebook or print item Installed 9/2023
Item details>Item recommendations Prevent similar items from being suggested To ensure a better variety of recommendations, this feature will no longer suggest titles that match the original item, or titles by same author. Installed 9/2023
Library Page>New at the library New items are not limited correctly Counts for new items at the library exceed the intended limit of first 500 items. Installed 8/7/2023
Library Page>Go to Library Catalog Go to library catalog not connected for URLs containing & symbol Ampersand was not encoded properly.  Adjusting encoding resolved issue. Installed 8/4/2023
Search results > Saved Search Ability to save complex search queries Users can save complex searches to their profile to ease workflows and aid future searches. Installed 7/20/2023
Lists Lists created by libraries enhanced to allow connection back to library page When a library creates a list in their institution account, the user name displayed on the list will link to their OCLC library page. Installed 7/20/2023
Item details Ability to ask for item recommendations When logged into their account users can ask for up to four item recommendations for a book or ebook. Installed 6/19/2023
Item details Ability to print item record Improved print formatting of item details when users print from their web browsers Installed 5/22/2023
Lists Some user lists no longer display items Some users have reported missing lists. This is a result of item metadata and a bug in the interface error handling Installed 5/08/2023
Item details > Cite a record RIS citations available on item details and lists When users are on an item record or list, they can now export a citation in RIS format for use in citation management tools. Note: Lists with more than 25 records will require users to authenticate before exporting to RIS Installed 4/10/2023
Item details > Find a copy in library Improved display of featured library holdings Users will see a reduction in white space in the Find a Copy at a library section, so they can more easily see library holdings Installed 2/1/2023
Search results and item details Enable IIIF viewer on qualifying images Users can now expand some images to zoom, rotate, and explore details from search results and item details Installed 2/1/2023
Search results > Facets > Publication year Improved accessibility on text fields Updated aria labels to help screen readers explain how to navigate the Publication year facet Installed 10/25/2022
Item details >Share record Sharing URLs on social media platforms does not format images and synopsis properly Shared links on social platforms will now display in a card optimized layout. Title, author, and synopsis will display when present Installed 10/25/2022