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There is a problem in the chat module that gives the message: "Oops. Something went wrong. Check your connections. Please try again."

Applies to
  • QuestionPoint

This message likely indicates that there's an issue with the internet connection.  "Check your connections" is the key message here that confirms the internet connection issue.

Please troubleshoot this error message as a local network connection issue.  If this is a WiFi network connection, please check that the WiFi connection is not dropping often. The QuestionPoint Chat sends a ping every 2 seconds to the QuestionPoint application and if the request fails, it gives the "check your connection" error message.

When a user encounters this error, we suggest:

1.  Close the chat window, but not the entire browser.

2.  Re-launch chat from the main QuestionPoint login page, that is the page from which we normally go to launch chat.

This should bring up all to the chats that were already going.


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