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I have issues when in Chat what information do you need?

  • Issues in the Chat session such as:
    • chat freezing
    • error message
    • pop up message
Applies to
  • QuestionPoint

The following points will help us to troubleshoot your issue, these steps will provide important information to assist with investigation.
QuestionPoint is browser based and sensitive to local network connectivity, so it is also important to check if your local network is experiencing any difficulties.

1.   In the chat screen when the issue happens, right mouse click in the chat screen and select QP About. This will give you an option to Copy to clipboard.
Please OCLC Support providing this text as soon as you start seeing the updating screen issue, or other errors you may see that affect the chat session.

2.  Click on the URL at the top of the chat screen to copy it and include this when you OCLC Support . It is important to send the whole email so click in the box until it all turns blue before copying in the URL.

3.  If it is possible please include a local traceroute.

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