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I'm getting an error that there was a problem with the question form and my question was not sent

  • When a patron submits a question through an email form, they encounter an error stating "Ask a Librarian Error: There is a problem with the Question form that was submitted. Your question has not been sent. Please contact your library staff for help in resolving this problem." 
Applies to
  • QuestionPoint

Please check to see if the URL of your email form is listed under Our Valid Referrer URLs by following these steps: 

  1. Log into QuestionPoint with the 9-digit administrative login ID.
  2. From the Select Service drop-down menu, select Administration
  3. Click Forms > Spam Filter
  4. If Yes is chosen for Validate Referrer URL, verify the URL of the email form is listed including http and https versions. If needed add a new URL and click Save.

If your library is not using the Validate Referrer URL option, consider the following

  1. Click over to the Question Form tab. 
  2. Is the Open WorldCat Setting: Display link to our reference service option set to Yes? 
  3. If so, set it to No.
  4. Click Save. 

If neither of these options fix the issue, please contact OCLC Support.

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