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Update the profile

Use the information below to help you update your institution's profile. After you submit your profile and it is approved and activated by the global reference network administrator, keep it up-to-date throughout your participation in the network, as your institution's capabilities, services, staff and resources change.

For an overview of the profile process, see Complete and maintain a profile

To update your institution's profile:

  1. Log on to QuestionPoint using your institution administrator authorization number or another authorization number with the edit-profile privilege.     
  2. If the Profile module is not displayed, click Profile at the top of the screen. The system displays the Profile module.
  3. If Institution Services is not displayed, click the Institution Services tab in the main menu.
    1. In Institution Services, the activation status of your institution's profile is listed for each group in which your institution may participate.
  4. If the status of the profile for the global reference network is Active, go to step 5.

    If the status of the profile for the global reference network is not Active, contact the global network administrator before updating the profile.

     Note: For more information, see Profile activation statuses and actions.

  5. Go to each part of the profile that you need to update, enter and save the needed changes for each part.
    1. For help, see Navigate the parts of the profile.
    2. Do not resubmit an active profile. Save each part of the profile that you change.


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