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Unlock a KB record

Click Unlock to unlock a KB record that you edited or updated.

When you unlock a record, any changes that you saved remain in the record and other KB editors can edit or update the record as needed.

When is a record locked?

QuestionPoint locks a record when someone starts to edit or update it. This prevents two people from changing the same record at the same time.

Unlock a record automatically

QuestionPoint automatically unlocks a record:

  • After it has been locked for 48 hours.
  • When it is activated.

Another editor has locked this record

If you click Edit or Update for a locked KB record that someone else edited or updated, QuestionPoint displays the following message: "Another editor has locked this record."

If you know who edited or updated the record, you can ask him or her to unlock it. Or, you can wait a few days and then try again to edit or update the record.


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