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New KB record status options

You select a status option for a record:

  • When you add a new record to a KB
  • When you edit an inactive KB record (if you are a KB editor)

A KB record number is assigned to each new record when it is added, regardless of its status.

What are the status options?

The status option that you select when you add or edit a record determines the status of the record in the KB.

status option status of record in kb
Submit (when you add)

Inactive (when you edit)

(If you are not a KB editor, this is the only status option available to you.)
(It must be activated by a KB editor before it can be searched.)
Review (when you add or edit) Review
(It is an inactive record that has been marked for review by an editor.)
Activate (when you add)

Active (when you edit)
(It is available to search within 24 hours after it is activated.)

Which status options can you select?

Your privileges for the KB determine which status options you can select.

your privileges for a kb status options that you can select for the kb
View KB None
(You cannot add records to the KB.)
Add/Submit Submit or Inactive
Edit KB or 
Edit/Delete KB
Submit or Inactive
Activate or Active


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