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View KB search results

Parts of KB search results

The Knowledge Base Search Results page lists the KB search results.

The page includes:

The list is divided into pages. Each page includes:

  • 10 records if you entered a basic search
  • 10 (default), 20, 30, 50, or 100 records if you entered an advanced search

The list includes the following columns and information for each record:

  • Item number that indicates the record's position in the list
  • Question, including the KB record number and question in the record (with your search words highlighted)
     Note: QuestionPoint truncates long questions to about 240 characters and adds an ellipsis (...) to show the truncation.
  • KB in which the record is located (appears only if you searched more than 1 KB)

You cannot sort KB search results

View a KB record

To view a KB record:

  • Click on a question. QuestionPoint displays the Record Detail page.

No questions or answers match your search conditions

If no active records were found by your KB search, QuestionPoint displays the message: "No questions or answers match your search conditions." For more information, see What should I do if my KB search finds no/few records?.

Review/change your KB search

To review information about your current search in a separate window, click the View search criteria link. You can note the search words and limits that you used.

To return to the search page on which you entered your current search, click the New Search link. QuestionPoint redisplays the search page with your current search words.

Return to Answer Question page

To return to the Answer Question page (if you are searching KBs from the Ask a Librarian module), click the Return to Question link.


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