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Advanced search

Perform an advanced search

  1. In the Find Questions boxes, type your search words and phrases:
    • Type a word or words in the All box if all the records found must contain all the words.
    • Type a phrase in the Exact Phrase box if all the records found must contain the exact phrase. You do not need to enclose phrases in quotation marks.
    • Type a word or words in the At Least One box if all the records found must contain one or more of the words.
    • Type a word or words in the Without box if the records found must not contain the words. (You must use one or more of the other boxes in order to use this box.)
    • In the boxes listed above, you can use:
    • You can select the language of your search words in the Language of Search Terms drop-down list. If your search words are in a language other than the language in which you use QuestionPoint, you usually receive more results and are less likely to miss relevant results if you select the language.
  2. For more precise results, change the selections in the Limit Results To boxes to limit your search results to records:
    • Located in particular KBs
    • Modified (added, activated, or updated) within the last week, month, 3 months, 6 months, or year
    • Containing a question asked in a particular language
    • In which the search words appear in the Keyword field
    • In one of these categories: FAQ, Bibliography/Pathfinder, Research, Ready Reference, or Community Information. (Use this box sparingly. These categories are not widely used.)
    • With a particular subject or subject and subject broad class (based on Library of Congress Classification) Map Dewey (DDC) to LC (LCC) Classification
    • With a particular requesting institution (received question from patron)
    • With a particular responding institution (answered the question)
  3. In the Results Per Page drop-down list, select the number of records that you want to view on each page of the search results.
     Note: The default is 10.
  4. Click Search.

QuestionPoint displays the Knowledge Base Search Results page.

Options on the Advanced Search page

  • Click Clear to empty the Find Questions boxes, uncheck the Knowledge Base boxes, and return the Limit Results To boxes to their default settings.

Only in the Ask a Librarian module:

  • Click Question Detail to view the Full Question in a separate window.
  • Click Return to Question to return to the Answer Question page.


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