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Local KBs

QuestionPoint has many local KBs. Each one is a database of questions and answers controlled by a library or group of libraries. Only the librarians in the controlling library or group can search a local KB or contribute records to it.


A local KB can:

  • Grow into a valuable, time-saving reference resource
  • Help librarians work more efficiently
  • Help patrons receive faster and better reference service
  • Help libraries analyze their questions and answers to improve their reference service.
  • Include records added from questions and answers and chat transcripts
  • Include specialized local information added through an entry form

Does my library have a local KB?

One or more local KBs are available to most libraries:

  • If your library is a member of a QuestionPoint subscription group (BME), it shares the group's local KB.
  • If your library is not a member of a subscription group, it has a local KB available for its own use (unless it is a global-only QuestionPoint subscriber).
  • If your library joins a group online, it shares the group's local KB.

Each library or group decides whether to implement its local KB. Ask your institution administrator if you have questions about your local KB.

How is the local KB implemented?

To implement a local KB:

  1. The group or library sets up its local KB. How do we set up our local KB?
  2. The group or library decides:
    • Which types of questions and answers to include for librarians and which (if any) to make available for public access as well.
    • Who will be its KB editors.
    • What its editors will do and what guidelines they will follow.
  3. Librarians add questions and answers as inactive records.
  4. KB editors activate records to make them available for searching.


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