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Access the QuestionPoint website

The QuestionPoint website is the place to:

  • Log on to the QuestionPoint system
  • Learn about QuestionPoint
  • Participate in the QuestionPoint community

You can access the QuestionPoint website here.

QuestionPoint homepage

On the QuestionPoint website, you can:

  • Click Librarian Logon to go to the Logon page for the QuestionPoint system.
  • Click Documentation to access documentation and implementation materials.
  • Click Community to get involved in the QuestionPoint community. On the Community page, you can join the QuestionPoint email list (listserv), share information about your QuestionPoint experiences, and participate in QuestionPoint user group meetings.
  • Click Training to access training materials or register for training sessions.

Log on to QuestionPoint

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Librarian Login.
  3. If you want to use QuestionPoint in English, go to step 4. Otherwise, select a language from the Language drop-down list and then click Go (Select Language Go button).
  4. Enter your User ID and Password.
     Note: Enter lowercase letters in lowercase and uppercase letters in uppercase because the password is case sensitive. Be sure that you are not using Caps Lock on your keyboard.
  5. Click Logon.
    • If the My QuestionPoint page appears, you successfully logged on.
    • If the Change Password page appears, you must change your password. After you change it, the My QuestionPoint page appears.

Invalid logon

If an invalid logon message appears when you try to log on to QuestionPoint, be sure that you are not using Caps Lock on your keyboard and try again to log on.

Assistance from your library's QuestionPoint administrator

Contact your library’s QuestionPoint administrator if you need additional assistance. The administrator can:

  • Verify your authorization and email address at Administration > Institution > Accounts > View/Update Accounts.
  • Reset your password at Administration > Institution > Passwords.

Change your password

 Note: Please note your new password and keep it somewhere safe. QuestionPoint no longer communicates your current or new password via email outside of the system.

  1. Navigate to My QuestionPoint > Home > My Password.
     Note: If you are not on the My QuestionPoint screen, select My QuestionPoint from the Select Service drop-down menu.
  2. On the Change Password screen, complete the following fields:
    • Current Password - Enter the password currently assigned to your account.
    • New Password - Enter the new password you want assigned to your account.
    • Confirm New Password - Enter the new password you want assigned to your account again.
  3. Click Save. QuestionPoint changes your password and redirects you to the My QuestionPoint screen. The email associated with your QuestionPoint account will receive a confirmation message. Use your new password the next time you sign on to QuestionPoint.

QuestionPoint password requirements

  • Case-sensitive
  • Must not exceed 20 characters
  • Can contain any combination of letters, numbers, and characters (e.g., %, #, and ^)



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