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Adjust your system timeout length

What is the QuestionPoint timeout?

The browser status bar includes a QuestionPoint session timer that counts down the minutes remaining until your QuestionPoint session ends automatically (times out).

When you are monitoring chat, the timer is turned off and you cannot timeout.

When you are not monitoring chat, the timer resets (starts over) when you click most buttons or links on a QuestionPoint page or menu.

If your QuestionPoint session times out, any unsaved work in progress is lost and the QuestionPoint Logon page appears.

Reset the timeout

Reset the timeout when you receive the warning

When only a few minutes remain until your QuestionPoint session times out, QuestionPoint displays a timeout warning message in a separate browser window.

To reset the timeout, click the Reset Clock button in that message.

Reset the timeout at any time

To reset the timeout at any time, click Reset Clock in the Service bar at the top of any QuestionPoint page.

Change the timeout length

Change the length of your QuestionPoint timeout period on the View/Change My Settings page.

  1. In the Session time-out period field, click one of the buttons:
    • 30 minutes (default)
    • 1 hour
    • 2 hours
    • 4 hours
  2. Click Save. QuestionPoint redisplays the View/Change My Settings page with a message confirming your change.

Log off

To log off QuestionPoint, click Exit at the top of any QuestionPoint page. The QuestionPoint Logon screen appears. You are logged off QuestionPoint.


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