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Start your session on the My QuestionPoint page

After you log on or change your password, the My QuestionPoint page appears. It is:

  • The starting point for your QuestionPoint sessions
  • The place for the latest QuestionPoint announcements, news and information
  • Your access point to the QuestionPoint areas that you use most often


Figure legend

1 Menu for accessing other parts of the My QuestionPoint / Home module. 5 Announcements from your library’s QuestionPoint administrator. 
2 Links to frequently used lists of questions. The number of questions currently in a list appears next to each link. (For a description of question lists, see the overview.) 6 Select the language in which to use QuestionPoint and click the arrow.
3 Links and search boxes for quick access to other frequently used areas of QuestionPoint. The links and boxes that you see are appropriate to your account privileges.  7 Links to news, resources, and support and feedback forms.
4 Announcements from the your Subscription Group administrator.    

Sample page with elements labeled

The elements on every QuestionPoint page help you move around in the system.

Sample page with elements labeled

Description of page elements

element description
Service bar
  • Your account name
  • Your authorization
  • Home link takes you to the My QuestionPoint page in the My QuestionPoint/Home module
  • Reset Clock link resets the session timeout timer
  • Exit link logs you off the system
  • Select Service drop-down menu lets you go to any of the following modules available to your account: My QuestionPoint; Administration; Ask (Ask a Librarian); Chat; Knowledge Base; Profile
Module title
  • Module name
  • Support link takes you to a form that lets you request assistance or send a comment
  • Help link opens a separate window that contains online Help
Module menu
  • Menu tabs take you to sections of the module
  • Menu links take you to pages of a module section
Page name The page name identifies the page.
Work area The work area is where you perform tasks and view information.


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