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QuestionPoint system navigation

The following navigation elements appear on each page of the QuestionPoint system.

element definition
Service bar The service bar appears at the top of each page:
  • Your account name
  • Your library and its institution ID number
  • My QuestionPoint link takes you to the My QuestionPoint screen in the My QuestionPoint/Home module
  • Exit link logs you off the system
  • Branding icon
Module bar The module bar appears below the service bar:
  • Select Service drop-down menu displays the module name and lets you navigate to any module available to your account
  • Support link takes you to a form that lets you request assistance or send a comment
  • Help link opens a separate window that contains online help
  • Privacy policy takes you to the OCLC Privacy Statement
  • Reset Clock link resets the session timeout timer
Module menu Menu tabs:
  • Appear in the module bar to the right of the Select Service drop-down menu
  • Take you to sections of the module

Menu links:
  • Appear below the module bar
  • Take you to pages of a module section
Page name The page name appears below the module menu.
Work area The work area appears below the page name and allows you to perform tasks and view information.


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