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QuestionPoint Listserv

QuestionPoint-L is an e-mail list (listserv) dedicated to the discussion of the QuestionPoint service. The list is open to current QuestionPoint subscribers and QuestionPoint team members from OCLC and the Library of Congress. We hope that QuestionPoint-L provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and suggestions related to the use of QuestionPoint.

About QuestionPoint-L

We invite subscribers to use the list to post comments and observations regarding your implementation and use of QuestionPoint. Don't forget to share your insightful tips and problem solutions as well. The usefulness of the list depends on your input.

The QuestionPoint team uses QuestionPoint-L to announce enhancements, product releases, major additions to the QuestionPoint Web site, and system-wide problems or anticipated downtimes (these should be rare). The team may also ask members to discuss and offer feedback on planned features and releases.

Subscribe to QuestionPoint-L

All QuestionPoint users associated with an active QuestionPoint account are welcome to subscribe to this list.

To subscribe to the QuestionPoint listserv, please self-subscribe on the QuestionPoint listserv page

Once we activate your subscription, you receive two e-mail messages:

  • A confirmation of your subscription, with information about sending a message to the list, options for receiving a message, and removing yourself from the list. Save this confirmation so you can refer to it later if needed.
  • Usage guidelines for the list.

Unsubscribe from QuestionPoint-L

You can cancel your subscription (also known as "unsubscribing") at any time. To do so, using the email address from which you were subscribed, send a message to with a blank subject line and this line in the body of the message:


 Note:  Do not include a signature block in the message.


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