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Promote QuestionPoint in your community

Resources to help promote QuestionPoint in your library and within your community.

Marketing guidelines for virtual reference services

Girvin Strategic Branding and Design created these guidelines for the King County Library System/University of Washington cooperative grant development project (part of the Washington Statewide Virtual Reference Project). The guidelines provide step-by-step procedures for implementing a marketing program for virtual reference. Contents include:

  • Defining Your Target Audience
  • Program Naming Considerations and Usage
  • Criteria for Logo Creation and Usage
  • Sample Marketing Messages by Audience
  • Web Site Considerations
  • Execution and Implementation Considerations (including PR, advertising, online promotions, direct mail, internal communications, training and budget allocation), and Considerations for Measuring Success

Sample press release

A sample press release that you can use to let your users know about the QuestionPoint service at your library. Customize this release by providing information specific to your library in the italicized sections of the release.


You can easily customize this poster by adding your name and the URL to your library’s web site. Available for download in Microsoft® Word format in the following languages:

Customization instructions

Areas that you can customize include the heading, logo, tagline and Web URL (left bottom).

To add your logo:

  1. With the QuestionPoint poster open in Microsoft Word, select Insert > Picture > From File…
  2. Browse to the location of your logo and click Insert (The logo may appear in the upper left corner of the Word document)
  3. Double click the logo or choose Format > Picture… to edit the image settings
  4. In the Format Picture dialog box, select the Layout tab
  5. For ‘Wrapping Style’ choose the ‘in front of text’ option
  6. While still in the Layout tab, click on the Advanced button to open the Advanced Layout dialog box
  7. Select the Picture Position tab
  8. Under Options, make sure that the ‘Allow Overlap’ box is checked
  9. Close out of the Advanced Layout dialog box by clicking OK
  10. Close out of the Format Picture dialog box by clicking OK
  11. Drag and resize your logo to the size and position of the placeholder “logo”

Table tents

Customize this table tent with your library’s logo, name and web site URL, and place it throughout your library and in other places your patrons visit frequently. Available for download, customization and editing in Microsoft® Word format in the following languages:

Just follow the customization instructions above to add your library’s name and branding.


Add your library’s name and the URL to your library’s web site. This file prints three bookmarks to a page. Available for download in Microsoft Word format in the following languages:


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