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Warning: Duplicate Logins Detected


Your authorization has been used to launch another Chat monitor. Finish any active chat sessions and close this Chat monitor window (with browser "X").


The Warning: Duplicate Logins Detected message appears in your Chat monitor if you or someone else launches another Chat monitor using your QuestionPoint authorization. 

The message appears in these situations: 

  • You forget that you already logged on to QuestionPoint and launched chat. You log on to QuestionPoint again and launch chat again. You could do this on a single computer using two browsers windows or on two computers using one browser on each. The warning message appears in the first monitor that you launched. 
  • Or, someone else logs on to QuestionPoint and launches chat using your QuestionPoint authorization after you logged on and launched chat. The warning message appears in your Chat monitor (the first monitor that was launched). 

Problems may occur when two monitors are launched using the same QuestionPoint authorization. For example, your session with a patron may end unexpectedly if you are chatting with a patron in the first monitor and someone logs out of the second monitor. 


To prevent this problem: 

  • Remember to log out of Chat when you finish your shift or you leave one computer to continue your shift on another one. 
  • Be sure that you have your own QuestionPoint authorization. Do not share it with another librarian. Your library's QuestionPoint administrator can create an authorization at no cost for anyone who needs one (Administration > Institution > Accounts). 

When this problem occurs: 

  1. In the monitor in which the warning message appeared, finish your active sessions. (If another librarian has launched Chat using your authorization, you may see the librarian's active sessions in your monitor under the My Active tab. Do not finish the other librarian's sessions.) 
  2. Close the Chat monitor window in which the warning message appeared using the browser "X." 
  3. See if you have another Chat monitor open. If you do, continue your shift in that monitor or log out of Chat. 
  4. Contact your library's QuestionPoint administrator if you think another librarian logged on to Chat using your authorization.


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