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Alert: QuestionPoint Session Exited


QuestionPoint session was exited. All active chat sessions have ended. You will be logged out of the chat monitor upon clicking ok.


The Alert: QuestionPoint Session Exited message appears in your Chat monitor if you click the Exit link in the QuestionPoint window to log out of the QuestionPoint system while you are monitoring Chat. The Chat monitor is part of the QuestionPoint system and you cannot continue to monitor Chat if you exit the system. 

If you click the Exit link in the QuestionPoint window while you are monitoring chat: 

  • The Alert: QuestionPoint Session Exited message appears in the Chat monitor. 
  • You are logged out of the Chat monitor but the monitor window remains open. 
  • Your active chat sessions are ended by the system and removed from the My Active tab. Even if the transcript and buttons for an active session remain in the monitor, further actions on the session have no effect. 
  • In question lists in QuestionPoint, the transcript for an active session has "Answered" status and is labeled "In Progress." Within two hours, the label is removed and you can access the transcript for followup. For more information, see In Progress Chat Transcript in question lists.
  • In the patron chat window for an active session, a message indicates that the session has ended. The transcript (up to the point when you clicked the Exit link) is sent to the patron's e-mail address. 
  • New chat requests waiting for a librarian are not ended by the system in most cases. The system removes them from the New tab in your Chat monitor. However, they remain under the New tab of other librarians monitoring the patrons' queues. 
  • In the patron chat window for a new request, there is no change in most cases. The patron continues to see the message indicating that he or she is being connected to a librarian.


To prevent this problem, log out of (exit) the QuestionPoint system after you log out of Chat. You can minimize the QuestionPoint window to keep it out of the way while you monitor Chat. After you log out of Chat, you can return to the QuestionPoint window and exit the system. 

When this problem occurs: 

  1. Close the Chat monitor window using the browser "X". 
  2. If you want to continue monitoring Chat, log in to QuestionPoint and launch Chat. (All of your active sessions were ended by the system.) 
  3. If you want to follow up ended sessions, wait two hours and then go to your answered questions in QuestionPoint.


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