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Symbols that appear in chat

Find information about the symbols that appear in your active chat sessions.

The following symbols appear at the beginning of your active chat sessions listed under the My Active screen.

Symbol Description
questionpoint-active-chat-status-typing.png Patron is typing.
questionpoint-active-chat-transfer.png Patron was transferred to you. Symbol appears throughout the session.
questionpoint-active-chat-status-new.png New message from patron.
questionpoint-active-chat-status-idle.png Patron is connected to chat but hasn't sent a message in 3 or more minutes.
questionpoint-active-chat-status-disconnected.png Patron is no longer connected to chat.

 Note:  If the patron exits the chat browser abruptly, Idle will display after 3 minutes.  Disconnected will display after 4 minutes.

  • If the patron ends the chat session, Disconnected will display immediately.


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