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Tips about which question lists to use to follow up on chat sessions

The New list (or Shared Followup) is the list that has questions or transcripts that you must handle. You might use the other lists to: 

  • Review work already done. 
  • Check on questions in your Pending list, to see if someone has tended to them yet. 
  • Refer to an earlier question that you answered. 

Because your primary focus is probably on the New (or Shared Followup) list, it usually is not necessary to spend lots of time in the Active list. Many librarians prefer to use the Answered list to review completed transactions because it focuses on work already done. 

If you are in a cooperative group that helps one another's patrons, be aware of which transactions are with your own patrons before closing them. Closing a transaction closes it for all involved libraries. 

  • If you see a green up  ( ) arrow in the right column of the list, the transaction is for one of your patrons. It was "referred out" for attention elsewhere, or it was a chat session another library picked up for you. You can close this transaction. 
  • If you see an orange down (  ) arrow, the patron is from another library. The transaction was either referred to you for attention, or you picked up a chat session for another library. 

If your library has a Shared Followup list and you are unsure when to use it, check with your administrator. Some libraries answer questions from Shared Followup when they have no new questions in their New list. Some libraries work strictly from the Shared Followup list. Always claim a question before starting to research it; this will remove it from the Shared Followup list. 

When you follow up on sessions, be sure that the patron supplied an e-mail address before you try to send a message to the patron.


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