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QuestionPoint chat: Quick reference

Log on (start your chat shift)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Librarian Login.
  3. If you want to use QuestionPoint in English, go to step 4. Otherwise, select a language from the Language drop-down list and then click Go ( Select Language Go button ).
  4. Enter your User ID and Password.
     Note: Enter lowercase letters in lowercase and uppercase letters in uppercase because the password is case sensitive. Be sure that you are not using Caps Lock on your keyboard.
  5. Click Logon.
    • If the My QuestionPoint page appears, you successfully logged on.
    • If the Change Password page appears, you must change your password. After you change it, the My QuestionPoint page appears.
  6. (Optional) Click Chat Monitoring Tool in Quick Links for list of librarians now monitoring. Click Home when done.
  7. From Quick Links, click Launch Chat > Continue to QP Chat to start your chat shift. The Chat Monitor opens in a separate tab.
  8. Keep QuestionPoint window open/minimized during chat shift.
  9. Select queues and click Save.
  10. (Optional) Click Settings to change your preferences for patron alerts.

Pick up a call (accept a chat request)

  1. Click the New tab.
  2. Click on the patron line to accept the chat request. The chat is moved to the Active screen.
  3. After patron information loads, send a script or message.

Current session

The chat monitor contains the transcript for your current session, including the question and patron screen name from the chat form.

Chat transcript

It also contains scrollable patron information and a link to the policy page of the patron's library.

Scrollable patron information

To go to another active session, select it on the Active screen. Wait for the session to reload before you send a message.

During a call (chat session)

Send a message

  1. Type or paste the message in the message box.
  2. Click Send or press <Enter>.

Send a script

  1. Click Scripts below the chat transcript.
  2. (Optional) Enter the name of the script that you want to send. As you type, the system automatically suggests names of potential matches.
  3. Hover over a script to display its text.
  4. Click a script to move its text to the message box.
  5. Edit the message as needed.
  6. Click Send or press <Enter>.

Push (send) a web page

  1. Click URLs below the chat transcript.
  2. (Optional) Enter the name of the URL that you want to send. As you type, the system automatically suggests names of potential matches.
  3. Hover over a URL script to display its text.
  4. (Optional) Type or paste a URL in the message box.
  5. Click a URL to move its text to the message box.
  6. Click Send to send the page to the patron. After the patron receives the URL, verify that they see the page.


  • Use one browser for QuestionPoint and chat and another browser for research and other web activities to help prevent closing your chat sessions inadvertently.
  • Limit the number of programs running on your computer.
  • Verify and clarify patron's request.
  • Remind patron to click Exit Chat to receive transcript.
  • Send messages often to keep patron engaged.
  • Explain your actions and verify that patron sees pages sent.
  • Verify that patron's need was met before you end the call.
  • Refer questions to others as needed:
    • Use Transfer button during session.
    • Use Follow Up resolution codes at end of session.

End a call (chat session)

End each call when finished to improve system performance.

  1. Verify that the patron's need was met and confirm any needed followup.
  2. Click End Session. The system removes the session from the My Active list and sends transcript to patron's email address if provided.
  3. Select a resolution code and click Submit.
  4. If you wish:
    • Select and add up to four description codes. Do this only if you chatted with one of your library's patrons.
    • Add a librarian note and click Create.
    • Add a patron message and click Create to send the message and transcript to patron's email address.
  5. Click Complete to clear the session from the monitor.

The resolution code, description codes, and the librarian notes are added to the transcript in QuestionPoint only. Each patron message is sent to the patron in another copy of the transcript.

Log off (end your chat shift)

You must log off so that the system knows your shift has ended.

  1. End any active chat sessions.
  2. If you expect a replacement, click Librarians to see if your replacement is logged on.
  3. Click Logout.
  4. Click Close Window.
  5. Return to the QuestionPoint tab.
  6. Click Exit if you have finished using QuestionPoint.


  • View the patron's connection status under My Active:
    Active chat status: New Good  |  Active chat status: Idle Patron has not responded for three or more minutes  |  Active chat status: Disconnected No longer connected
  • If the patron does not reply right away, wait until Active chat status: Disconnected appears before ending the call.
  • Document problems for use when requesting support. Include Question ID from Question Preview or Info tab.


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