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Policy pages

Find information about accessing and viewing policy pages.

Each policy page contains information about a library and its policies. The chatting librarian can view the policy page of the patron's library during a chat session to help answer the patron's questions. 

An administrator creates his or her library's policy page in the QuestionPoint Profile module. 

Go to a policy page during a chat session

Click the Policies link in the chat monitor when you are chatting with a patron to view the policy page of the patron's library. The policy page appears in a separate window. You can close or minimize the window and return to it as needed during the session. 

You can scroll through the policy page or click a link at the top of the page (Phone, Hours, etc.) to jump to a field on the page. 

Patrons and policy pages 

The patron with whom you are chatting does not see the policy page. Do not share a policy page or a link to a policy page with a patron because most policy pages contain some information not intended for patron use. 

You can copy information that is intended for patrons, paste it into the chat box, and send it to the patron. Do not send a large block of text at one time. Send it in multiple short messages. 

Report problems or suggest improvements 

You can report problems with a policy page or suggest improvements to it if the library provided an e-mail address in the Policy Page E-mail Contact field. 

Click the address in the field and then send a message to report a problem with the policy page or suggest an improvement. The message goes to the person at the library who is responsible for the policy page. 

View other policy pages in a library's group

From a library's policy page, you can also view the policy pages of other libraries in the library's group. 

Click the link for the Group Policy Page to view the policy page created by the administrator of the group. 

Select a library in the Group Member Policies drop-down list and click Submit to view the policy page of that library. 

Search all policy pages

You can search all policy pages on the Search Policies page. 

To go to the Search Policies page: 

  1. Click the Search Policies link which is available in the following locations: 
    • On any policy page that you view during a chat session 
    • In the Profile module: Profile > Search 
      • if you have privileges for viewing the Profile module
  2. Or, click the Search Policy Pages link in the Profile Quick Links on the My QuestionPoint page. 

To search on the Search Policies page: 

  1. Specify no parameters or one or more parameters and click Find Policy Pages.  
  2. QuestionPoint displays a results list of the policy pages that match your search parameters. 
  3. Click on a library name in a results list. 
  4. QuestionPoint displays the library's policy page in a separate window. 


  • If you specify no parameters in your search, QuestionPoint lists all policy pages. 
  • If you use a text box in your search, QuestionPoint treats the text that you type as a text string and finds policy pages that match the text string. For example, if you type "cal" in the Name box, QuestionPoint finds policy pages that contain "cal" anywhere in the library name, such as Caldwell Col, California Inst of the Arts, Fox Valley Technical College. 
  • In results lists, policy pages are sorted in alphabetical order by library name. However, upper-case letters sort before lower-case letters. 

The data used in indexing policy pages and in displaying results lists comes from the fields listed below. Your administrator may want to confirm the data about your library in these fields to ensure that accurate information is available for searching and listing your library's policy page. 

  • Name comes from Profile > Institution Services > Inst Info > Inst Name 
  • BME comes from Administration > Subscription Group > Settings > Branding > Short Name (Only your group's administrator can change this field.) 
  • Library Type comes from Profile > Institution Services > Contact > Library Type(s) 
  • State/Province comes from Profile > Institution Services > Inst Info > State/Province 
  • Country comes from Profile > Institution Services > Inst Info > Country 

Create or update your library's policy page 

For information, see Create or update your library's policy page.


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