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Receive a transferred patron session from another librarian

You may receive a transferred patron session from another librarian while you are monitoring chat.


  • Although the other librarian should ask you before transferring the session, they may transfer it without asking. You cannot refuse or block a transferred session. It is automatically placed in your My Active list.
     Caution: If you do not communicate with the patron, the session will remain unattended in your list.
  • When a transferred session ends, its transcript is not included in the question lists of the library of the librarian who transferred the session (unless it is the patron's library). The transcript is included in the Reports in the Ask module that are available to administrators.

When a librarian transfers a session to you, the transfer alert box pops up and an alert sounds.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Active to open the Active screen.
  3. Click on the patron. The transfer indicator (questionpoint-active-chat-transfer.png) is in the New Messages column.

    The session loads. The session transcript contains all messages between the patron and the other librarian and the transfer detail, along with the IM conversation between the two librarians. The patron library's policy page and scripts are also available for you to use.
  4. Send a message to let the patron know that you have taken over the session.

    The patron receives your message. Your screen name appears to the patron with your message. The previous librarian's screen name is replaced by "Librarian". The patron does not see the transfer detail or the messages between the librarians.
  5. Complete the session with the patron.


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