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Transfer an active patron session to another monitoring librarian

Before you transfer a session to another librarian, you should:

  • View the list of monitoring librarians to see who is available to receive the session.
  • Send an IM to ask an available librarian to take the session. Double-click or right-click and select Start Librarian Chat on the librarian name you want to initiate a chat session with.

Transfer the session after a librarian agrees to take it. If you transfer the session without asking first, the receiving librarian may not be able to provide prompt attention to the session.


  • Tell the patron that you are transferring the session to another librarian.
  • The patron does not see the messages between the librarians about the transfer.
  • The patron sees the new librarian's name when the librarian sends a message to the patron after the transfer.
  • When a transferred session ends, its transcript is not included in the question lists of the library of the librarian who transferred the session (unless it is the patron's library). The transcript is included in the Reports in the Ask module that are available to administrators.

To transfer a patron session to another librarian who is monitoring any of the same queues as you:

  1. Click Active to return to the session that you will transfer.
  2. Click on the session. The session reloads.
  3. Read any new patron messages in the transcript box.
  4. Send a message to the patron.
  5. Click Transfer in the patron session that you want to transfer.
  6. From the Transfer dialog, select the librarian to whom you want to transfer the session.
  7. Click Transfer.


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