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View list of monitoring librarians

You can view a list of the librarians who are monitoring any of the same queues as you. You might view the list to see who is available to receive a session transfer.

From the Chat module, click Librarians to view the list of monitoring librarians. The list of monitoring librarians contains the following columns:

  • Librarian - A list of monitoring librarians and their QuestionPoint authorization numbers.
  • Queues - The number of queues that each librarian is monitoring. Librarians monitoring several are monitoring the 24/7 Reference Cooperative.
  • Active - The number of active sessions that each librarian currently has.
  • Queue (Library) - The primary queue and the library of each librarian.
Sample Librarians list - Image

This sample Librarians list contains:
  • Three librarians who are monitoring only their primary queue (1 queue).
  • One librarian who is monitoring the 24/7 Reference Cooperative (3 queues).
  • Two librarians who currently have no active sessions.


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