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Preview the question and patron information before you accept a request

New chat requests are listed under New

  • The number in the Time column indicates the number of seconds that the patron has been waiting for a librarian to accept the request. The number is updated approximately every 10 seconds. 

Position your mouse pointer over a new chat request (but do not click on the request) to display the Question Preview. The preview contains: 

  • "Qwidget" before the question if the patron is using the Qwidget. 

     Note:  Your library may or may not require an e-mail address in the Qwidget in order to chat with a librarian. If it is required, it appears in the preview, QuestionPoint sends a transcript to the address at the end of the session, and the address will be available for followup in the record of the chat in the Ask module. If an e-mail address is not required, it does not appear in the preview. The patron may provide it to receive a transcript. If the patron provides it and chooses not to remain anonymous, the address will be available for followup in the Ask module. 

  • "Cobrowse: Yes" or "Cobrowse: No" to indicate whether or not the patron's computer meets the requirements for co-browsing. (Patrons who use the Qwidget cannot co-browse.) 
  • Other information about the patron collected from fields on the chat form and from the patron's browser and operating system.


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