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Update global routing information

You can update (change) the global routing information for a question that you referred to the Global Network. This lets you provide new or revised information for the library that answers the question.

 Note: Your updated information does not send the question to a different library. However, if a library rejects the question after you update the information, QuestionPoint uses the new information to automatically refer the question to another library.

To update global routing information:

  1. Go to the Full Question.
  2. Click Update Routing Information. QuestionPoint displays the Update Global Question Routing Information page.
  3. (Optional) You can click either of the following buttons at any time if necessary:
    • Click Reset to begin again to change the information about the question.
    • Click Cancel to cancel your changes and return to the Full Question.
  4. Click Full Question View to view all information about the question in a separate window. Resize and position the window as needed.
  5. Change the global routing information for the question as needed.
  6. Type the reason for your update in the Comments box.
  7. Click Update.


  • Updates the information
  • Displays the Full Question
  • Sends a notice of your changes to the library that received the question. The notice goes to the library's Alert E-mail address (Profile > Institution Services > Contact > Alert E-mail)


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