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Receive reply from expert

QuestionPoint does the following when it receives an email reply from the subject-matter expert to whom you referred a question:

  • Sends an email message to your e-mail address. The message contains:
    • Question ID
    • The expert's reply
    • Any attachments sent with the expert's reply
       Note: The attachments are available to you only with the e-mail message. If you want to send the attachments to the patron, you must save them on your computer so you can attach them when you send the answer.
  • Changes the status of the question to "new" (Status:New)
  • Changes the status of the question to "reply in from expert" (Status:Emailed in)
  • Adds a note at the top of the Question History that indicates you must accept (edit) or delete the expert's reply before you can act on the question.
  • Adds two entries in the Question History:
    • One indicates when the reply was received from the expert.
    • The other contains the expert's reply and buttons that you can click to edit or delete the reply.

You send the answer from the expert to the patron.


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