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Add questions manually

Use the Add Question page to add a question into QuestionPoint that you received in person, by fax, or over the phone. You can add new questions and questions that you have already answered. Adding answered questions allows you to maintain a record of these questions and add them to a Knowledge Base.

  1. Click either of the following to go to the Add Question page:
    • Click Add Question on the My QuestionPoint screen.
    • Click Add Question in the Ask a Librarian module.
  2. Click the button for the status that you want the question to have in QuestionPoint.
    • Click New (default) if you do not have the answer yet.
    • Click Pending if you are waiting for the patron to provide more information about the question.
    • Click Answered if you have the answer to enter now with the question.
    • Click Closed to indicate that you have finished with the question and are ready to consider submitting the question to a KB.
  3. Type or paste the question in its box.
  4. (Optional) Type or paste the patron's email address in its box.
     Note: You must provide the address if you want to send the answer to the patron. If you do not provide an email address, the patron is identified as "Walk Up" and no answer is sent out.
     Caution: You cannot add the patron’s address to the question after you click the Add button .
  5. (Optional) Type or paste the patron's name in its box.
  6. (Optional) Type or paste the answer in its box.
     Note: If you provide an answer and the patron's email address, QuestionPoint sends the answer to the patron when you finish.
  7. (Optional) Type or paste data in any additional named fields provided on the form. If any fields are marked *(required), you will not be able to add the question until data is provided in those fields.
    • These fields are for library use only. They are not sent in email messages to the patron or displayed in the patron account. 
    • These fields are not automatically included in KB records but you may add information from these fields in the Keywords field in a KB record.
  8. Click Add to add the question and view its Full Question page.
  9. Complete work on the question or finish it later. You can access the question later. For example, you can add an answer or expand the content of an answer.


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