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Select a resolution code at the end of each chat session

  1. When a chat session ends, the librarian selects one of the following resolution codes in the chat monitor:
    • Answered
    • Followup by me
    • Followup by patron's library
    • Lost Call
    • Practice
    The 24/7 Reference Cooperative's best practices document contains guidelines for use of the Resolution codes by members of the Cooperative. Libraries and groups should provide guidelines for use of the codes by their librarians when they are not participating in the Cooperative.
  2. QuestionPoint sends the session transcript to the patron’s e-mail address (if provided by patron).
  3. QuestionPoint creates a question (reference transaction) for the session and places it in the QuestionPoint system, including the chat transcript and other information about the session.
     Note: A question can be added in QuestionPoint through a chat session, web form, telephone call, reference-desk visit, etc. Any expression of a patron’s information need can be managed in QuestionPoint as a question.
  4. Based on the resolution code selected, QuestionPoint assigns a status to the question and adds it to a question list:
    resolution code question status question list*
    Answered Closed status symbol Answered Answered Questions
    Followup by me New status symbol New for the chatting librarian's library and for the chatting librarian New Questions
    My New Questions
    Followup by patron's library New status symbol New for the patron's home library New Questions
    Lost Call Closed status symbol Closed Closed Questions
    Practice Closed status symbol Answered Answered Questions
    *Questions with New, Answered, or Pending status are also listed in the Active Questions list.
     Questions with New, Answered, Pending, or Closed status are also listed in the All Questions list.
     Questions with Pending status symbolPending status are awaiting response by another library, a subject-matter expert, or a patron.
     Questions with Closed status symbolClosed status are considered to be complete; they are listed in the Closed Questions list only.

Follow up a chat session in QuestionPoint or refer the follow-up to others

  1. The librarian logs on to QuestionPoint.
  2. The librarian goes to one of the lists of questions that need follow-up:
    (Your library or group should provide guidance on which question list you will to go.)
    • List of questions for you to follow up (My New Questions)
    • List of questions for your library to follow up (New Questions)
    • List of questions for libraries in your group to follow up (Shared Followup Questions)
  3. The librarian selects a question in the list to follow up.
  4. From the Full Question page for the selected question, the librarian:
    • Sends a message to the patron.
    • Refers the question to another library or a subject-matter expert for follow-up.

Troubleshooting and support

  • Document problems that you encounter so you can describe them when you request support.
  • Contact OCLC Support.

Comments, suggestions, feedback

Please send your comments about this guide to QuestionPoint feedback.


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