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Find archived questions

Go to archived questions

To go to your library's archived questions in the Service History:

  • Click View Service History in the Ask Quick Links on the My QuestionPoint screen.
  • Click Search History in the Ask a Librarian module.

QuestionPoint displays the Service History Search page.

Find archived questions by Question ID

To find an archived question by its Question ID in the Service History:

  1. Go to the Service History. QuestionPoint displays the Service History Search page.
  2. Type or paste the ID in the Search box located at the upper right of the page, select Question ID in the drop-down list, and click the arrow.

QuestionPoint displays the Service History: Full Question page if it finds the question.

If QuestionPoint does not find the question, verify the Question ID:

  • If the ID is incorrect, repeat steps 1–2 using the correct ID.
  • If the ID is correct, go to a question list that is not in the Service History and repeat step 2. 
  • If QuestionPoint still does not find the question, it is not available to your library.


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