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View global routing information

Global Network Routing Information helps you decide if your library should:

  • Answer a question received from the Global Network.
  • Reject the question so another library can answer it.

To view Global Network Routing Information for a question:

  • Click Routing Information in a question list.
  • Click Information in the Full Question.

Global Network Routing Information appears in a separate window.

Close the window when you finish viewing or printing the information.

Important fields

Needed By indicates when the answer is needed. Reject the question if your library cannot provide the answer by that date and time.

Subject Area, Subject Broad Class, Geographic Subject Area, Response Must Be In (language); Education Level, and Format indicate the areas of expertise and collection strength needed to answer the question. Reject the question if your library does not have the needed resources.

Reason for Research, Keywords, and Resources Consulted may help you provide an answer.


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